Hagbag Gig Bag For Solid Body Electric
Item ID: E-20
Price: $179.99


The Hagstrom E-20 Hagbag is designed to fit regular shaped solid body electric guitars. It will fit all Hagstrom standard sized electrics. It offers great portability as well as excellent protection.
  • Product code: 49E20
  • Finish: black
  • Size: small
  • To fit: most standard sized solid body electric guitars
  • Outer: tear-resistant cordura coating
  • Structural: reinforced throughout with structural B wave material
  • Handle: rigid ergonomic handle
  • Pocket: 2, large
  • Straps: padded shoulder, removable
  • Back padding: soft padded back for comfort when wearing back pack style
  • Interior padding: soft
  • Protectors: additional bottom and headstock protectors
  • Extra support: wide neck support with velcro fastener for perfect neck security; additional accessory compartment. The neck support can be removed and used for adjustments on a workbench, etc.can be removed and used for adjustments on a workbench, etc.