Seymour Duncan
Antiquity Jazz / JB Humbucker Pickup Set (Zebra)
Item ID: 11014-15-Z
Price: $499.99


This set of black and zebra unpotted humbuckers has been wound by Seymour Duncan Custom Shop manager Maricela “MJ” Juarez. Seymour Duncan created the JB and Jazz Model™—pickups for London's rock royalty—years before he and Cathy Carter Duncan started Seymour Duncan Research Labs. When the new company added production pickups to its menu of custom services, of course the JB and Jazz were among the first offerings. Before long, the JB Model became the world's most popular humbucker. Today Duncan still winds the JB and Jazz exactly the same as in the early years, but with modern updates for today's guitarists, like four-conductor lead wire, sand-cast magnets, polycarbonate bobbins (which can better handle the vacuum wax-potting process), and short-legged bottom plates.