Seymour Duncan
Mark Holcomb Signature Series Alpha & Omega Pickup Set for Neck & Bridge (7-String, Black)
Item ID: 11102-63-B7
Price: $449.99


Designed in conjunction with Periphery’s Mark Holcomb to meet the versatile demands of his music, the Mark Holcomb Signature Series Alpha and Omega Pickup Set from Seymour Duncan comprises two passive humbucking pickups intended for use in a seven-string electric guitar. These humbuckers are called “Alpha” and “Omega” respectively, with the former intended for the neck position and the latter tailored for the bridge. The Omega has an aggressive and percussive sound that's snarling in low end and growling in the midrange, without sacrificing the clarity of a chord's individual notes at high gain settings. The Alpha, on the other hand, produces a fat and glassy sound with a tonality that's more articulate than your average neck pickup; in this manner, the Alpha borrows something from the timbre of a conventional bridge pickup, accentuating the dynamics of your picking- and fretting-hand technique. These pickups both utilize ceramic magnets, and their four-conductor leads can be wired for a variety of tonal options including series, parallel, and split-coil configurations.
  • Mark Holcomb signature humbucking pickup set
  • 7-string design
  • High-output design with an emphasis on clarity and tightness
  • 4-conductor wiring allows for single-coil-type tones