Seymour Duncan
HyperSwitch Bluetooth 5-way Switch
Item ID: 11805-01
Price: $219.99



Gone are the days of reading wiring diagrams, and the trial-and-error experimentation with the soldering iron. Instead, rewire your guitar with the touch of your phone. The Seymour Duncan HyperSwitch system is the merging of traditional and technological platforms that empowers guitarists of all skill levels to effortlessly and immediately change the wiring configuration of their passive pickups. A result of considerable research and development, the patent pending HyperSwitch is a powerful and uber functional active 5-way blade that is compatible with most passive pickups. Design, store, and recall your custom pickup configurations with the easy-to-use mobile app. HyperSwitch pairs with your smart phone via Bluetooth and runs on a 9v battery. Using the mobile app, a player with 3 humbuckers, for example, will be able to configure their pickups in hundreds of possible ways! The mobile app can be found in Appleā€™s App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.