Seymour Duncan
Wavelength Solo Nylon String Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Item ID: 12511-20
Price: $199.99


From a company dedicated to quality pickup systems that capture the truest sound of your instrument possible, comes the Wavelength Solo Nylon String Acoustic Guitar Pickup. Specifically designed for your nylon-stringed acoustic, the Wavelength Solo features an under-saddle piezo that captures the natural sound of your acoustic at its most resonant point: under the saddle and bridge. And because Seymour Duncan knows pickups, they have gone the extra mile to ensure this piezo system delivers only the best of what it has to offer, keeping the legendary piezo "quack" at bay.
  • Under-saddle pickup system with piezo transducer for awesome amplified tone
  • Unitary piezo element for incredibly even string response
  • 18V, high-headroom preamp for plenty of volume and power
  • Works with nearly all 6-string spacings as well as most 12-string
  • Easy to install