140-Watt, 8-ohm, 2x12" Closed-back Cabinet with Celestion G12 Vintage Speakers
Item ID: 1936V
Price: $1,299.99


The Marshall 1936V speaker cabinet delivers massive Marshall tone in a handy mono/stereo 2 x 12" format. The compact, 140-watt Marshall 1936V is the perfect extension cabinet for combos and amp heads alike. Loaded with Celestion G12 Vintage speakers, this cab delivers thunderous lows, focused mids, creamy highs, and more volume than you'd believe! Smooth ABS plastic covers offer excellent protection for your 1936V's corners, and finger-jointed plywood construction turns this cab into a tone cannon. Want a portable amp perfection? The Marshall 1936V is the solution.
  • 2 x 12" speaker cab that delivers massive Marshall tone and epic volume
  • 2 x Celestion G12 Vintage speakers provide punchy lows, smooth mids, and creamy highs
  • Finger-jointed plywood gives you excellent durability and projection
  • Configurable either in mono or split stereo configurations for added versatility
  • Decked out with a black grille cloth, white piping, and black elephant grain vinyl