Apocalypse-VII 7-String Pickup Set, Black
Item ID: 6504-SHC
Price: $453.00


The unique tri-field design of our Apocalypse pickups merge Alnico-V magnets with dual flanking Ceramic-8s, producing a balanced yet aggressive and combative tone. While being able to deliver a crushing mid-range, but maintain a tight, focused, and articulate response, the Apocalypse pickups are meant to shake the ground you stand on. Paired with its apocalyptic clear or smoke black translucent bobbins, these pickups are sure to assemble the masses as you shred through the Wasteland.
  • Spacing Bridge 61mm Universall Spacing / Neck 61mm Universal Spacing
  • Wiring/Design 4 Conductor Harness / Split Coil Design
  • Baseplate Black Industrial Coated Nickel/Silver Baseplate
  • Pole Pieces 14 high carbon steel socket set adjustable pole pieces
  • Magnet Alnico V direct coupled construction combined with ceramic 8 flanking magnets
  • Output at full power Bridge 16.4k ohms / Neck 11.2k ohms