Vinyl Cover for Marshall 1987X or JTM45 Head, with Marshall Logo - Black
Item ID: COVR00013
Price: $79.99


If you own a Marshall 1987X or JTM45 head, then you need this perfectly fitted COV00013 cover! Sure, you could use a generic cover for that Marshall amp of yours. Heck, you could probably even throw a blanket over it. But, WHY You love Marshalls. You love 'em so much that you own one. Doesn't your genuine Marshall deserve a very cool and classy COVR00013 cover that's made to fit it like a glove It most certainly does. This Marshall COVR00013 cover is made of heavy-duty vinyl, so dust and moisture won't mess with all that tonal beauty. Best of all, it's got that awesome Marshall logo right where you expect to see it! Protect your prized 1987X or JTM45 and show it off at the same time, with a custom-fitted Marshall COVR00013 cover.
  • Perfectly fitted for your Marshall 1987X or JTM45 guitar amplifier head
  • Heavy-duty vinyl construction keeps dust away and protects against scratches
  • Marshall logo proudly identifies your amp head as one of the finest guitar amps one earth