Volume Adjustable Earplugs (-11dB or -24dB)
Price: $59.99



The usual problem with earplugs is that they kill both the volume and the sound, leading to a muffled and distorted sound. dBud is different. The closed setting has a very flat attenuation of around 30dB across the entire frequency spectrum. This means less distortion of the sound coming through to your ear, and it gives you the clearest possible sound experience, with significantly reduced volume. In the open setting, the acoustic filter is designed to alter the attenuation curve so that it lets frequencies of typical human speech through with less reduction, while other frequencies are reduced to a higher degree. This means that background noise is toned down, while you're still able to hear and communicate with people around you. dBud goes where you go with attachable leash and magnet strap. Wear them around your neck, ready to use wherever you are. Comes with pocket-sized carrying case, and three eartip sizes. SLIDE HIGH VOLUME DOWN TO SAFE LEVELS: At concerts, festivals and dance floors At sports events Around heavy equipment and engines Lower volume, with minimal impact on sound clarity SWITCH BACKGROUND BUZZ INTO CREATIVITY AND CALM: If you’re working in a noisy office Or studying in a café Or travelling on crowded buses, trains and planes Rest your mind and your ears
  • Volume slider two levels of noise reduction -11 db and -24 db
  • Protection safe noise exposure, even at levels of >110 db
  • Clear sound award-winning acoustic filtering
  • No electronics no batteries, no charging. Always on.
  • Attachable leash & built- in magnets wear them around your neck, always in reach, ready to use wherever you are.
  • Neat little carrying case soft, sleek, pocket-sized
  • Comfy all day three earptip sizes s/m/l.