Double LED Drum Light Strips - 7x14
Item ID: DL0714D
Price: $69.99


Light Up! Drumlite is the optical innovation that your drum kit has been missing, because finally a company has completely specialized in illuminating the individual boilers style and effective. The whole thing is done by LED strips, which are individually tailored to any conceivable boiler size and give your drum set, whether wood or acrylic, the look that deserves it without a doubt. Easy installation! Simple and above all fast, the high-quality strips are mounted inside the boiler. Drilling or cutting is not necessary and in no time at all, your drums shine in new splendor, in the truest sense of the word. The stripes are shock-resistant and also put the tour everyday loose away. Various kick drum and drum set packages are offered, so there is something for everyone. Power supply and remote control are included! Content: LED strip for each single drum, Connector Mounts, LED Controller with wireless remote control, Multi Position XLR Cable Snake, Power Supply.
  • Suitable for 14" acrylic cauldron / Tom
  • 8 selectable colors
  • 6 pre-set running or flashing programs
  • Can be combined with the Drum Set Kits