5-pin XLR Male to Dual 5-pin XLR Female Cable
Item ID: DL21
Price: $33.99


If you've run out of channels on your Drumlite controller - which isn't uncommon with big kits - then this "Y" cable is for you. The Drumlite DL21 marries two sets of drumlite LEDs, allowing you to power both from a single channel. The DL21 not only saves a channel, but it also lets you control two lights at once. Drummers can tell you, this is handy for kick drums with front and back lights, or for treating two toms as a single zone. Both male and female end sport 5-pin connectors which are guaranteed compatible with Drumlite LED strips.
  • Marries two sets of Drumlite LED strips
  • Powers two lights from a single channel
  • Lets you control two lights at once
  • Connectors: 5-pin XLR male to dual 5-pin XLR female