Triggered Complete Drum Kit LED Lighting Starter Pack
Item ID: DL2T
Price: $699.99


Pack your drum kit with DrumLite, and all eyes will be on you. If you're tired of your lead guitarist hogging the spotlight, the DrumLite Full Kit Starter Pack with Triggers is exactly what you need to command instant stage presence. DrumLite is plug-and-play simple and will light your drums up with just a few minutes of setup. This package includes one LED lighting strip with TRIGGER FUNCTIONALITY for each drum in a complete drum set. Pre-sized to fit most 2-5pc drum kits and including everything needed to light up the stage, the Drumlite LED lighting system works on practically any drum rig for custom look and feel that won't inhibit your drum tone.
  • Quick Plug-n-Play Setup: No Soldering, No Drilling, No Cutting!
  • DrumLite LED strips are shock-mounted and custom fitted to multiple drums
  • Power Supply, Triggered Controller Boxes, Wireless Remote, and Snake Cables included with DrumLite Strips
  • Tour-ready XLR connectors allow flexible expansion and easy positioning with included lug-mounted connector clips
  • Controller features include 8 static colors, 4 flashing or fading modes, brightness and speed adjustment, trigger decay and sensitivity adjustment and triggered mode on/off