DV Mark
Longevo Series Acoustic Nano-Film Shielded 12-String Bass Strings Pb (.10-.47)
Item ID: DV12LEPB1047AC
Price: $34.99


The history and tradition handed down over centuries by masters string makers in abruzzo meet the innovation! Markstrings are made at our factory in Abruzzo (ltaly), using the best selected innovative materials, new technologies and ultimate quality controls matched with the ancient tradition of master string makers. The LONGEVO series is the result of this match: Master's artistry and know how linked with Markbass' attitude to innovate. As with their 80/20 counterparts, the LongEvo Acoustic Phosphor Bronze provide improved longevity for players. While respecting the environment as a green brand, the use of our fully ecological and biocompatible applied nanotechnology shielding makes these superior strings resistant to corrosion without no impact on tone, playability and sound projection!
  • Gauge 010 014 023 030 039 047
  • Nano film Yes
  • Material Phosphor bronze