Masters Maple Complete 14"x5.5" Snare Drum, Chrome Contrail Metallic Lacquer
Item ID: MCT1455SC837
Price: $389.00


For a professional, road-worthy touring kit the three key things you need are stability, exceptional sound, and affordability. Luckily for you, Pearl have really nailed it with the Masters Maple Complete. Nobody wants a floor tom leg, or a bass drum spur to slip during a song forcing you stop playing and fix it. Which is why Pearl use incredibly sturdy hardware on the MCT series, making it perfect for taking out on the road. It doesn't matter how sturdy your kit is though, you still want it to sound phenomenal. The drums in Pearl's Masters range are renowned for their powerful, resonant sound and are so well-suited to a massive range of genres. They're perfect for the kind of gigs where you're playing a set full of songs from every genre. The road-proven combination of warmth, power, and tonal purity that made Masters a legend shines forward. Pearl’s new EvenPly 6-layer premium Maple shell, 2.3mm Superhoops, and an improved price tag make Masters a must for the touring pro. The Masters Shell Comes Full Circle Pearl’s Masters Series has always been synonymous with the very best in professional instruments for the touring drummer. In creating new Masters Maple Complete drums, Pearl has crafted a refined representation of Masters’ 25 year history in one total package. Unparalleled Sound, Attainable Price The sound that made Masters a legend shines forward. With improved features and a lower price, Masters Maple Complete is the total percussive statement for the road-ready pro drummer Exciting New Finishes and SuperHoop II Hoops Four premium lacquer finishes are available in four pre-configured shell packs. To maintain optimal resonance and articulation, Masters Maple Complete features triple-flanged SuperHoop II Hoops on the tom and snares.
  • Size: 14x5.5
  • Shell: EvenPly-Six
  • Hoops: SuperHoop II
  • Lugs: CL55
  • Rods: 20
  • Tension Rods: T062
  • Strainer: SR017
  • Snares: S022N