Masters Maple Complete Snare Drum 14" x 6.5", Chrome Contrail Metallic Lacquer
Item ID: MCT1465SC837
Price: $389.00


Looking for a snare that can match the mojo of your Masters Maple Complete kit? Look no further, the Pearl Masters Maple Complete snare drum is exactly what you need. Made with EvenPly Six (6-ply) maple shells, this snare captures the magic of your Masters Maple Complete kit and has the same lacquer finish to match. A perfect addition to your kit, this 6.5" x 14" snare is sure to wow you with its punchy attack. It's equipped with SuperHoop II flanged hoops that help your snare to cut through the mix without sacrificing its tonal purity. The proof is in the shells Live or in the studio, the Masters Maple Complete balances attack and tonal response, with 6-ply, 100% maple shells for great projection, sensitivity, and sustain. They are made with Pearl's Superior Shell Technology which uses select woods, AcoustiGlue, and overlapping seams to create an airtight shell that's incredibly strong. Combine these qualities with warm, full-bodied power, and drummers everywhere can see why Masters Maple Complete drums are the choice of top players in virtually every musical genre. Premium shell hardware Your Pearl Masters Maple Complete shell pack comes crowned with engraved SuperHoop II steel hoops. These 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops are rigid yet low mass to cut through a mix without sacrificing any tonal body. Paired with CL55 lugs and a host of other tone-enhancing hardware, this shell pack is a great foundation for any player or genre.
  • Matching snare drum for your Masters Maple Complete kit
  • EvenPly Six 6-ply, 5.4mm maple shell is punchy and dynamic
  • Spectacular lacquer finish blends into your kit
  • SuperHoop II 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops boost articulation
  • SST shell technology creates a stronger snare with more responsiveness
  • Masters Bridge lugs provide rock-solid tuning stability