Kali Audio
Mammoth 6.5” 80W Multimedia Speaker (Single)
Item ID: MM-6
Price: $289.99


Kali’s best-selling LP-6 studio monitor has been updated for home use as the MM-6. Featuring easy connections for televisions, gaming consoles, A/V receivers, and other entertainment systems, the MM-6 brings studio quality sound into your living room. Flexible Inputs The MM-6 has these inputs for easy connection to your gear: Optical For connecting televisions, gaming systems, or high-end audio equipment. Digital connection ensures a clean signal that can be controlled with the remote control. RCA For connecting almost any device with an analog audio output. Many televisions and other devices have an RCA output. Those that don’t, can use an inexpensive converter from their output to RCA. S/PDIF For connecting computers and home theater equipment. Like Optical, this is a digital input that ensures pristine sound and can be controlled with the remote. XLR For connecting professional audio equipment and connecting MM-6s together when used as a stereo pair. A 10-foot XLR cable is included if you buy the units as a pair! The MM-6 is acoustically identical to our best-selling studio monitor, the LP-6. Kali’s studio monitors can be found in the best studios across the globe. Their precision, power, and detail make them a top choice for GRAMMY-winning musicians and producers, film and television studios, and creators working in immersive formats like Dolby Atmos. If you’ve listened to music, watched something on TV, or been to the movies in the last few years, you’ve heard something that was made on Kali Audio studio monitors. This means that when you’re listening to your MM-6s, you’re hearing things exactly as those creators intended. Nothing is suppressed and nothing is hyped. Everything will come through with perfect clarity, allowing you to sink into the experience and enjoy it as fully as possible.
  • Powered: Yes
  • Amp Class: D
  • Power Config: Bi-Amped
  • HF Power: 40W (Continuous)
  • LF Power: 40W (Continuous)
  • Total Power: 80W (Continuous)
  • HF Driver: 1-Inch Textile Dome Tweeter
  • LF Driver: 6.5-Inch Optimized Paper
  • Crossover: 1500 Hz
  • Frequency Response (-10 dB): 39 Hz - 25 kHz
  • Frequency Range (±3 dB): 47 Hz - 21 kHz
  • Recommended Listening Distance: 0.5 - 2.5 Meters
  • Max SPL: (Peak at 1M) 115 dB
  • System THD: (90dB SPL at 1M) <3% from 80 Hz to 1.7 kHz <2% above 1.7 kHz (90dB SPL @1m)
  • Stereo Inputs: RCA (Unbalanced, -10dBV)
  • Optical (Digital)
  • S/PDIF (Digital)
  • Mono Inputs: XLR (Balanced, +4dBu)
  • Output: XLR (Balanced, 1-Sided)
  • Enclosure: Front Ported
  • Height: 14.125 Inches (35.9 cm)
  • Width: 8.75 Inches (22.2 cm)
  • Depth: 10.25 Inches (26 cm)
  • Weight: 15.54 lbs (7.05 kg)