Masters Maple Pure Series 4-piece Shell Pack, Black Oyster Swirl
Item ID: MP4C924XEDP-LC855
Price: $5,499.99



MASTERS MAPLE PURE: THE MASTERS YOU REMEMBER, A SOUND YOU'LL NEVER FORGET. In celebration of three decades of Masters quality and excellence, Pearl fuses new appointments, refreshed finish and hardware choices, and the ground-breaking resonance of the R2 Air Tom Suspension System with the original Masters MMX 4-ply, 5mm shell with 4-ply Re-Rings. SHELL: TAKING YOU BACK TO PUSH YOUR SOUND FORWARD. Its historic MMX-Recipe North American Maple shell features hand-curated 4-ply veneers from our Masterworks Vault for smooth resonance, improved projection, and better tone. NEW HARDWARE: R2 AIR TOM SUSPENSION SYSTEM & GYROLOCK-L TOM HOLDER. A giant leap in drum resonance physics, the R2 Air Tom Suspension System improves overall tone by delivering true, uncolored sound from each rack tom, creating a transitional bridge to floor toms. Combined with Pearl's first L-Arm, the GyroLock-L, R2 Air creates the world's most adjustable and tonally pure drum mounting platform. HARDWARE: THE CLASSICS NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE. Masters Maple Pure Shell Hardware offers increased resonance, improved bottom end, and a more nuanced, near field playing experience. Professional Pearl standards like Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, CL Bridge Lugs, and revamped bass drum spurs and floor tom brackets assure optimum performance; while the ground-breaking R2 Air Tom Suspension system's four-point mounting platform delivers optimum tone and resonance at any angle. MasterCast Hoops: Gives each drum added weight for tonal body and increases volume in each stroke. SNARE: RESERVED FOR LEGENDARY PLAYERS AND PERFORMANCES. A smooth balance between pronounced cut and refined tonal punch, the Masters Maple Pure snare combination of premium materials creates a distinct sound that complements any drum setup. Snare and hardware are not included.
  • 22x18 Bass Drum
  • 10x7 Tom
  • 12x8 Tom
  • 16x16 Floor Tom