Bobby Allende Signature Fiber Conga 12 1/2"
Item ID: PCF-125DXBA618
Price: $825.00


The Pearl Bobby Allende Conga features a seamless fiberglass shell, and a Remo FiberSkyn 3 head. It is 28" tall and has a rubber base that protects the drum shell, keeping it from sliding on the floor. Bobby Allende is a mainstay in the New York Latin Music Scene. He demands the best from his hand drums, so his congas certainly exceed all previously acceptable standards. To start, you will notice that the seam is invisible, which gives the Fiberglass conga a Wood look. Its height is 28", fitting the traditional seated player perfectly, while adding extra width to the base for added projection and stability. A redesigned rim compliments the conga drums adding extra comfort while complimenting the fitted Remo Fiberskyn 3 head.Features a seamless fiberglass shell, a Remo FiberSkyn 3 head, 28" height, and a rubber base that protects the shell and keeps it from sliding on floor