DV Mark
1x12" Powered Cabinet Closed Back, Lightweight
Item ID: POWERED-CAB-112-60
Price: $699.99


Here is the ultimate solution to add a guitar powered cabinet to your MULTIEFFECT, PEDALBOARD, PREAMP, MODELER or PROFILER. The DV POWERED CAB 112/60 features both balanced and unbalanced inputs, external cab capability and also a very useful Response control to move from a flat and neutral behavior to a clearly guitar amp one. The internal 12” NEO Speaker Pearl White delivers a great definition and keeps this powered cabinet very lightweight and portable. IDEAL SOLUTION FOR LIVE AND STUDIO The DV POWERED CAB 112/60 is the right choice for any player needing to turn his PEDALBOARD, MULTIEFFECT, PREAMP, MODELER or PROFILER into an actual guitar amp to be used both live and in the studio. POWER AND PORTABILITY Thanks to the internal 12” DV Mark NEO Speaker Pearl White, this powered cabinet delivers a very detailed sound and warm bass frequencies while keeping a very light weight. Power is delivered by a 60watts MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) Power Amp. An external speaker output allows a second cabinet connection (minimum impedance 8 ohm). DUAL INPUT - RESPONSE CONTROL The DV POWERED CAB 112/60 features both 1/4” unbalanced jack input and XLR balanced one. The very useful RESPONSE control allows to move in an analog way from a FLAT and NEUTRAL behavior to a typical GUITAR AMP one in a wide range of tonal options, from jazz to rock and everything in between. 120/240V VOLTAGE SWITCH This powered cabinet features a Dual Voltage Switch 120/240V (except for the Japanese market) to use it in countries with a different voltage without using any external transformer. MPT - MARK PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY At DV Mark, Marco De Virgiliis invested a lot on R&D to create a proprietary power amp, designed to respect and glorify your instrument tone, giving a faster attack, improved dynamic response and a warm, natural and musical sound.
  • Input: 1 (1/4” Jack Or Xlr)
  • Power Amp: Analog
  • Power - Mpt (Mark Proprietary Technology):
  • 60w@4ohms / 50w@8ohms
  • Controls: Master - Response
  • Speaker Size: 1x12” Dv Neo Speaker Pearl White
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Other Features: Ext. Speaker Out (Min. Load 8ohms), Ground Lift Switch, Voltage Selector
  • Weight: 18.95 Lbs / 8,6 Kg
  • Dimensions: 17.12” / 43,5cm (W) | 12” / 30,5cm (D) | 16.73” / 42,5cm (H)