Putt Rhythm Golf Putt Trainer
Item ID: PR01
Price: $74.99


Achieve victory with perfect putting. PuttRhythm, the golf practice tool with a built-in metronome. In the golf trainer series of products, the expertise that KORG has accumulated during its many years in the tuner and metronome field can now be directly applied to efficiently improve your golf swing. The second product in the golf trainer series, the PuttRhythm is optimized for putting, which we all know is the most crucial element that can determine whether you win or lose the game. Under the supervision of professional golfers, we've created a practice tool that's dedicated solely to improving your putting. This single tool helps you to polish the aspects that are critical to good putting: swing rhythm, the sense of addressing the ball with sincerity, and a straight stroke. The design combines a miniature metronome and pad in a single unit, and can be easily transported in your golf bag. At home, or at the practice range, the PuttRhythm makes it easy for you to practice putting efficiently.
  • Visualize the "flex" of your golf swing.
  • The volume can be adjusted between two separate levels.
  • A wide range of settings lets you practice at a tempo that best suits you.
  • Sturdy design that stands up to rigorous extended practice.
  • An innovative bar design that’s calculated to help develop your sense of addressing the ball.
  • A useful gate which makes you more conscious of the ball's trajectory.
  • The size of a standard sheet of paper, making transportation a breeze.