Reference Series 4-Piece Drum Shell Pack, Turquoise Pearl
Item ID: RF904XEPC736
Price: $3,869.00


HANDCRAFTED TO ESCALATE YOUR DRUMMING INFLUENCE. Individually engineered for power, tone, and distinction, the total Reference kit perfectly captures every nuance of your unique drumming identity with a singular, prestigious sound. Sonically-Proven Performance Each Reference drum's unique "Recipe" delivers better tonal results. From the Masterworks Vault Developed to get the best elements our Custom Shop's limitless options. Crafted to Spark Inspiration Every drum's an instrument. Every kit's an orchestra. You're the Conductor.
  • Bass Drum Size 20"
  • Hardware of Drum Chrome Hardware
  • Floor Tom Size 14"
  • Shell Material Birch, Maple, Mahogany Wood
  • Shell Material Maple & Birchen Wood
  • Tom Tom Size 10"
  • Tom Tom Size 12"