Soft Case For Soprano / Concert Ukulele, Blue With Gray Pocket
Price: $69.99


Protective soft case for small-size ukuleles (soprano and concert). The SCU-60 has a large outer pocket on for storing strings, tuners and other accessories. When not in use as a ukulele case, the pocket can be turned inside out and folded. Available in multiple colors to complement your instrument and suit your style.
  • External dimensions (W x D x H) 628 x 235 x 65 mm / 24.72”x 9.25”x 2.56”
  • Internal dimensions (W x D x H) 618 x 225 x 55 mm / 24.33”x 8.86”x 2.17”
  • External dimensions when folded (W x D x H) 220 x 150 x 40 mm / 8.66”x 5.91”x 1.57” *Outside dimensions when folded are the same as the inside dimensions of the pocket.
  • Weight 170 g / 0.37 lbs.