Kali Audio
Santa Monica Series 5" 3-way Passive Studio Monitor (Single)
Item ID: SM5C
Price: $1,349.99


Project Santa Monica: Kali’s finest speaker yet combines our proven 3-way architecture with uncompromising components and craftsmanship. The SM-Series delivers unrivaled imaging, accuracy, and detail for the most critical applications. Kali’s founding principle is to deliver the best possible product for the price. Our speakers have always been praised for their accuracy, translation, and ease of use. The SM-Series builds on these ideals, and incorporates the best available materials, components, and manufacturing. The result is a high performance studio monitor that is ready for the most demanding mixing and mastering applications. The key to the SM-Series’ high performance is its 3-way coincident architecture. This design allows for the ultra-lifelike imaging of a coaxial speaker, while delivering the low distortion and midrange clarity that only a 3-way can achieve. Not only are the midrange and tweeter coaxial, they are also coincident, meaning that they are physically time aligned and thus phase coherent from all angles. The SM-Series speakers are acoustic point sources, and particular care has been given to the transition from the midrange to the baffle. This transition is seamless to the edge of the speaker, resulting in an engrossing stereo image where details are lifelike and crisp. Crossover Network: A top-tier speaker deserves top-tier internals, and the crossover network on passive Santa Monica speakers is as fine as they come. Since the SM-5-C uses amplifier tuning to handle frequency response optimization, the crossover network can be purely optimized for its use in directivity transition. This level of optimization allows for premium components to be used, including ultra-low dissipation polypropylene capacitors, air-core inductors, and ultra-low inductance resistors. The crossover network is fully optimized for bi-wire (LF+MR/HF) use, but care has also been taken to allow for single-wire use.
  • Self-Powered: No
  • Amp Options: Single Wire, Bi-Amped (Woofer, Midrange+Tweeter)
  • MR+HF Power Handling: 20VRMS into 3 Ohm (100W at 4 Ohm)
  • LF Power Handling: 20VRMS into 3 Ohm (100W at 4 Ohm)
  • Single Wire Power Handling: 20VRMS into 3 Ohm (100W at 4 Ohm)
  • HF Driver: 1-Inch Metal Dome Tweeter
  • Midrange Driver: 4-Inch Optimized Profile Paper Cone
  • LF Driver: 5-Inch Optimized Paper Woofer
  • LF-to-Midrange Crossover: 280 Hz
  • Midrange-to-HF Crossover: 2800 Hz
  • Frequency Response: (-10 dB): 39 Hz - 28 kHz
  • Frequency Range: (+/-3 dB): 47 Hz - 21kHz
  • Recommended Listening Distance: 4 Meters
  • Max SPL: (Peak at 1 meter) 117 dB
  • Loudspeaker THD: (90dB SPL at 1M) <1%
  • Inputs: Single Wire Phoenix Connector
  • Bi-Wire Phoenix Connector
  • Enclosure: Front Ported
  • Product Height: 15.6 Inches (39.6 cm)
  • Product Depth: 9.8 Inches (24.8 cm)
  • Product Width: 7.9 Inches (20 cm)
  • Product Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)