Sound Explorers Collection Belledonne Software Suite
Price: $999.00


An exclusive software suite containing the broadest selection of Arturia instruments and effects, alongside thousands of premium presets; discover legendary keyboards, iconic studio tools, state-of-the-art synths, and never-ending inspiration - welcome to the next step in your musical journey. For premium music production: A full creative experience, featuring essential instruments, inspiring effects, and perfect sounds for every style. This is the Sound Explorers Collection, and it’s going to empower your musical identity like never before. V Collection: An anthology of iconic keyboards, stunning synths, and hybrid instruments, distilled into enhanced software tools through the power of TAE® and Phi® modeling technologies. Lose yourself in analog machines, timeless pianos, evocative strings, and beyond. FX Collection: A re-engineered collection of world-class studio effects and creative plugins for modern producers, spanning everything from classic analog compressors to timeless contemporary reverbs, upgraded with unparalleled sound quality and an intuitive workflow. Enhance your music with the perfect effect for every task. Pigments: A cutting-edge software instrument that combines virtual analog, sampling, wavetable, and additive synthesis with effortless modulation, professional utilities, and studio-grade FX - letting you explore an infinite spectrum of sound. Exploration Sound Library: 50 best-selling sound banks with over 4000 presets in total, unlocking a wealth of versatile and exciting sounds for every style.
  • Sounds you’ve always wanted: Upgrade your palette with over 4000 modern, dynamic, inspiring presets for the future. This curated selection of hand-crafted sound banks includes 2 massive V Collection expansion packs, plus best-selling banks inspired by your favorite artists, genres, and sound designers. PatchWorks: 700 specially-designed patches that push our virtual synthesizer emulations beyond the sonic capabilities of their hardware predecessors. From vintage disco basslines to breathtaking filmscore ambience, this pack covers all sonic terrain - and it’s yours to explore. Synthopedia: Contemporary sounds created using the most enhanced features of our V Collection instruments. These presets are instantly usable, and designed with today’s musical styles in mind. Load them up and immediately find your flow with fresh new sounds. Genres: Find presets tailor-made to slot right into your mix, whatever your style. From old-school hip hop to the frontiers of trap and drill, prog rock theatrics to emotive film-score fuel, explore expertly curated sounds that perfectly capture the traits of your favorite genres. Follow the rules or mix it up. Tributes: Pay tribute to iconic records, trailblazing artists, cult creatives, and more. Explore preset banks capturing the sounds that set the course of music’s past, present, and future. From the instantly recognizable to the sonic deep cuts, these are our homages to the greatest sounds of all time. Signatures: We set our favorite sound designers and producers free to craft sounds that stir their souls - and yours. Discover the signature patches and favorite sounds from some of the most renowned musical creatives in the world. Award-winning, experimental, and wholly unique sonic perspectives. Types: Selections of sounds focused on the essence of instruments; keys, strings, percussion, basses, and so much more. Whether you’re after perfect pop chorus leads, crushing industrial bass, or ultra-smooth orchestral timbres, you’ll