Hotone STU-1 Single Footswitch Digital Tuner Pedal
Item ID: STU-1
Price: $99.99


With its diminutive size and LED-illuminated VOLUME knob, the Hotone Skyline Tuner guitar pedal is quite the conversation piece. Featuring fast pitch detection and a bright display, the Skyline Tuner does its job well. This handy device can also control your output volume when active (up to a 12dB boost), so you can use the Hotone Skyline Tuner guitar pedal as a mute box or clean boost pedal!
  • Zinc alloy outer cover provides ruggedness and durability
  • True bypass footswitch ensures a clean signal from guitar to amp
  • Transparent top knob and 2 small knobs allow easy access to features
  • Cool LED lights add style and mojo
  • Requires 9V DC negative center power supply, not included