AirLine 88x Headset Wireless System (Band K)
Item ID: SWC88XAH8-K
Price: $549.99


Perfect for Yoga and Aerobics Instructors For professionals who want a wireless system without the bulky belt-pack, there's the Samson AirLine 88x Headset Mic with integrated micro transmitter. Whether you lecture or lotus for a living, the AirLine's light weight and ergonomic fit allow you to experience full freedom of movement while you work or perform. It offers 300' of operating range, which is good news for sports and aerobic instructors who like to explore the room, while automatic frequency scanning makes setup easy. And because it's water resistant, sweat and humidity are no match for the Samson AirLine 88x. The included receiver is rack-mountable, too, if you're one who likes to keep your work-space organized. Wireless solutions for professionals in any field Wireless guitar systems have come a long way in the past decade. Now it's possible for musicians to get crisp, clear, professional sound without the logistic concerns of cables. Samson AirLine 88x wireless systems operate on 16 selectable channels, with True Diversity technology to prevent dropouts and a tone key feature to reduce interference. This system also introduces automatic frequency scanning to the AirLine series, making setup easier than ever.
  • Wireless mic + transmitter that wraps around your head
  • Complete freedom of movement — no belt-pack or cable to get in the way
  • Ideal for yoga instructors, aerobics instructors, professors, and lecturers
  • 300' range (line of sight) is useful for large rooms and dynamic speakers
  • Water resistant against sweat and humidity
  • 1-touch mute switch keeps coughs and private interactions from flooding the airwaves
  • Cardioid pickup pattern delivers natural speech reproduction
  • AirLine 88x receiver operates over 16 selectable channels
  • Automatic frequency scanning makes setup easy
  • IR sync provides receiver-transmitter frequency matching
  • True Diversity and tone key features prevent dropouts and interference
  • Up to 8 AirLine 88x systems can share the same frequency band
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outs for use with pro or consumer speaker systems
  • Includes a rack-mount kit for permanent installs