Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Black
Price: $249.99


SMART NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES FOR GUITARISTS. Unparalleled sound quality and noise cancelling; a new era in headphones for guitarists and bass players. Vox, the home of legendary guitar tone for over 60 years, proudly announces the ideal headphones for every guitarist – the VH-Q1. You can now have the one set of headphones that provides the highest quality noise cancelling, a powerful set of controls, unique musical features to enhance your practice all while delivering unparalleled sound quality. The VOX VH-Q1 uses a very new kind of Bluetooth headphone technology, developed to deliver unsurpassed high definition sound for your music. Combining state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancelling, incoming sound attenuation and an array of smart features, the VH-Q1 headphones provide a flexible, controllable, powerful and great-sounding experience. Whether you’re practicing, listening to your favorite music or chatting with family and friends on your Bluetooth connected smart device, the VH-Q1 is the only set of headphones guitarists and bassists will ever need.
  • Clear, precise High-resolution audio with wide frequency response
  • Outstanding Noise Cancelling and Sound Filtering
  • Attenuation function for noisy environments
  • Smart monitoring with Sound enhancing (Volume/EQ control)
  • Controls that are easy to access, intuitive and flexible
  • Bluetooth, Siri/Google assistant, popular CODECs supported
  • Hands-free calling with Clear audio and beamforming combined with the latest and most advanced codecs for clear voice pickup and reception
  • Rechargeable battery; 36 hours of use on a single charge
  • Fast 40msec latency in the VH-Q1 (important for gaming as well as playing)
  • Carry case (pouch), flight adaptor, connection cable (in addition to Bluetooth)