Strobe Pedal Tuner
Item ID: VXT1
Price: $335.00


VOX’s first stomp tuner is equipped with a high-visibility display, ultra-precise tuning, and an offset tuning mode that allows harmonious resonance. With a smooth LED meter and versatile display modes, the diamond visual display is extremely easy to read. The tuner features ultra-precise tuning with ±0.02 cent accuracy, offset tuning modes that let you tune your instrument for harmonious resonance, and a true bypass design that does not affect the tonal character in any way. The VXT-1 is designed to meet the needs of the professional, with extended operation that allows 24 hours of continuous use when using alkaline batteries. The aluminum diecast body ensures outstanding durability, and a DC out allows parallel connection to other pedals. Although there are many pedal tuners, this unit stands at the peak, providing class-beating visibility and accuracy to all guitar and bass players. Diamond visual meter provides large note name display and smooth meter movement for excellent visibility This diamond visual meter exemplifies VOX’s first stomp tuner. The large and easily visible note name indicator together with a smooth LED meter make pitch discrepancies and pitch changes obvious at a glance. While stringent tuning requirements for accuracy within ±0.02 cents are difficult for previous LED meters (display mode: strobe), the diamond visual meter makes this possible. You can switch the display mode between three types of display method as appropriate for the player’s style. Strobe This is designed on the principle of a strobe tuner. Tune your instrument to stop the flow of the LED meter illumination. The LED meter illumination rotates clockwise when the pitch is sharp and counter-clockwise when the pitch is flat. This is highly precise, allowing more accurate tuning.
  • Display modes: strobe, diamond, vertical
  • Connectors: input (mono 1/4? jack), output (mono 1/4? jack), dc 9v in, dc 9v out
  • Power supply: 9v battery or 9v ac adapter (optional and sold separately)
  • Current consumption: 20 ma
  • Battery life (a4 continuous input, tuner on, display mode: strobe): zinc-carbon battery: approximately 12 hours
  • Alkaline battery: approximately 24 hours
  • Calibration range: 436 – 445 hz (1 hz steps)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 65 mm x 120 mm x 53 mm (2.56? x 4.72? x 2.09?) including the foot switch and rubber feet
  • Weight: 309g / 0.68 lbs (including battery)
  • Included items: 1 x zinc-carbon 9v battery for verifying operation
  • Accessories (sold separately): 9v dc power supply adapter