Marcus Miller LTD 500W MPT 2 EQ Amp Head
Price: $999.99


Following the worldwide incredible success of the Little Marcus heads, this Marcus Miller signature LIMITED EDITION series is ready to replicate it! As for the standard version it has an amazing clear definition, punch and dynamic, respecting the priority of tone like all the Little Mark heads, plus a NEW tone setting with 5-band EQ, the PARAMETRIC EQ control, gold plated circuit and new super-cool look are added to the highly appreciated features of the standard series, creating a true state-of-the-art amp to give ANY tone you need, no limits! The Marcus Limited 500 has a warm and natural sound and faithfully reproduces the true tone of your instrument. The 500 watts MPT power amp makes it suitable for all kinds of gigs. Marcus Miller is renowned for his groundbreaking style and trademark sound, and Marco De Virgiliis is considered an innovator being the first pioneer introducing lightweight, portable, powerful and great sounding bass heads and cabinets. The Little Marcus amps are the result of the meeting of these groundbreaking roads, and this LIMITED version is ready to replicate their worldwide success. For Marco was really exciting working and developing an amp for Marcus, as since the moment he started building his very first amp he has been thinking about him. It's not just an endorsement but it is dream coming true. During the development of Marcus signature amps we followed him because he knows what he wants... and we know we can do it! And as Marcus says: 'A lot of people have ideas, but being able to achieve the idea it's a whole another thing'.
  • Input: Impedance 500 Kohm, Max. Voltage 9 Vpp
  • Effect Return: Impedance 33 Kohm, Max. Voltage 10 Vpp
  • Gain: -46 Db To +23 Db Range
  • Master Volume
  • Line Out Level
  • Mute Switch
  • Ground Lift (Switch On Rear Panel)
  • Pre/post Eq (Switch On Rear Panel)
  • Fsw Input For (Optional) Footswitch To Turn On/off Eq1 And Eq2
  • Line Out: Balanced Xlr, Max. Voltage 20 Vpp
  • Effect Send: Unbalanced, Max. Voltage 20 Vpp (Pre-eq)
  • Tuner Out: Unbalanced, Max. Voltage 2 Vpp
  • Speaker Out: Speakon
  • Weight: 5.51 Lbs / 2.5 Kg
  • Width: 10.87 In. / 27.6 Cm
  • Depth: 9.84 In. / 25 Cm
  • Height: 3.27 In. / 8.3 Cm
  • Output Power: 500w Rms @ 4 Ohms / 300w Rms @ 8 Ohms
  • Power Requirement: 100/120v; 230v; 240v - 50/60hz (Voltage Is Factory Preset According To Region Of Sale)
  • Eq1
  • Ultralow: Level ±16 Db (Freq. 65hz)
  • Low: Level ±16 Db (Freq. 180hz)
  • Mid: Level ±16 Db (Freq. 500 Hz)
  • High Mid: Level ±16 Db (Freq. 1.4 Khz)
  • High: Level ±16 Db (Freq. 3.8 Khz)
  • Eq2
  • Old School: Variable Low Pass From 20khz To 200hz
  • Parametric Eq: From 500hz To 12khz (Level 0 /+16 Db)