Seymour Duncan
Original Pickup Parallel Axis
Item ID: 11102-73
Price: $149.99


Produces a modern, hi-fi sound. The tone is balanced, sweet, and bluesy with exceptional sustain. More output and mids than the PATB-3b Blues Saraceno model. The more gain you add, the more it sings, making it extremely versatile. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable. Complete Setup Available in both neck and bridge models. The bridge version is high output. The neck version is compensated for tonal balance. Guitars Recommended for vibrato-equipped guitars. Works especially well with rosewood fingerboards. Players Richard Patrick / Filter, Gavin Rossdale / Bush, Jodee Frawlee / Starr Faithfull
  • High Output Humbucker Bridge Pickup
  • Alnico V Bar Magnet, Dual Parallel Pole Pieces
  • Four-Conductor Hookup Cable
  • Trembucker (F-Spaced) String Spacing (2 1/16")